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✨ September 26-29, 2024: Creative Retreat

Casa Viva’s Eco Letter

If you sign up for our newsletter, more or less once a month, we will send you a little article about nature, ecology, sustainability and about Casa Viva. In our eco letter we will tell you how we constructed our zero impact straw bale houses, why we chose this building method and about the daily choices we make to live in the most respectful and eco-conscious way with nature.

With our eco letters we want to share with you the choices we are making to live in a more sustainable way and how even the little choices we make can leave the world better than the way we found it.

And if there is a topic that we are particularly excited about or a novelty we want to share about Casa Viva or if we have something new to offer for your holidays here at Garda Lake, we will find an extra special eco letter.

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