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The riding stables Corti Gardesane

Riding courses and summer camp.

On our land, not far from your room, you will find our Eco-sustainable riding stables “Corti Gardesane” with horses and ponies.

Apart from riding lessons in the English style for beginners and experts, we organise summer camps for children of 5 years old and up.

Maneggio Eco Sostenibile a Garda

Strong, curious and very intelligent

The horse is a strong animal, curious and very intelligent that freely shows its emotions: of pacific nature, the horse needs its herd and makes strong bonds with its peers.

Cavallo del Maneggio Corti Gardesane a Garda

The horse is docile and patient with Man if we are firm and decisive, thoughtful and careful with them. These splendid animals will give us much in return when we give them the time and space to get to know us.

Maneggio Cavalli Casa Viva Garda

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