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Natural Swimming Pool Leela

Swimming in living water to find energy and well-being.

In the quiet of the bottom of the garden, you will find the pure water of “Leela”, our natural swimming pool.

A Bio Swimming Pool is a balanced ecosystem with plants, water lilies, lotus flowers and even dragonflies: it is a pool that cleans itself thanks to the presence of plants which also reoxygenise the water.

Una biopiscina è un ecosistema in equilibrio con piante, ninfee e fiori di loto e magari qualche libellula, una piscina viva che si depura solo grazie alle piante e all'ossigenazione dell'acqua.

Swimming in living water to find energy and well-being

Swimming in living waters that are crystal clear and found in a Bio Pool, with the complete absence of chemical additives, gives you the sensation of being completely immersed in nature;

it is regenerating and gives you new energy straight away.

These pure waters will not irritate your eyes, they soften your skin and hair and are known to help those suffering from skin allergies.

Libellula nella Bio Piscina di Casa Viva a Garda

A microcosm rich in biodiversity

The aquatic plants surrounding the Natural Swimming Pool give a home to all the microorganisms that populate a Bio Pool and it is these minute organisms that clean and reoxygenate the water, ensuring an encompassing and healthy swimming experience helping both body and mind.

This small world will welcome you, rich in its biodiversity, beautiful in every season and in which you can swim from April to October.

Leela means free movement, divine games and creativity: you will understand why and you will love it as soon as you take your first dip.

Biopool Garda Casa Viva Eco Holidays
Libellula nella Bio Piscina al Lago di Garda
Nuotare in una Biopiscina a Garda
Ninfee nella Bio Piscina a Garda, Casa Viva
Bio Lago e Bio Piscina a Garda

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